2-Wire Electric Bolt Lock CJ-EL01/CJ-EL05



Model: CJ-EL01/CJ-EL05


Suitable for : glass door, wooden door, fireproof door

Electronic Bolt Lock
Model: CJ-BL01/CJ-BL05 Two-wire Bolt Lock

Fail Safe: Locked when energized
Face Plate: 200L*34W*42H(mm)
Strike: 90L*25W*2H(mm)
Bolt: 16mmDIA,stainless steel 16mm throw
Voltage: DC12V
Start Current: 900mA(CJ-BL01), 0.12A(CJ-BL05)
Working Current:0.45A (CJ-BL01),0.75A(CJ-BL05)
Standby Current: 100mA
Solid Bolt: polishing housing, 800Kg Holding Force
Suitable For: Woodeng Door,Glass Door,Metal Door,Glass Door
Surface Temp: Low Temperature
Induction Distance:8mm
Operating temp: -10~+25℃(14-131F)
Operating Humidity: 0~90%(non-condensing)
Special Designed: Tested to 500000 cycles
Face place material: High Aluminum,Carrulous Line Finished
Aptional Bracket: Weight: 0.7kg 

Low operational and standby current

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