Keypad Lock CJ-KL409

                                        Model: CJ-KL409

Unlock Ways: Mechanical key or Code

Code Mechanical Key


1. Pure stainless steel mechanical rotating structure enables its life to be more than 10 years.
2. It is very easy to change batteries in the lock,just need several minutes on one
3. Using 4x1.5V standard alkaline batteries.
4. If wrong passwords are put for 3 times continuously, it will stop for 10 seconds automatically.
5. Unlock ways:
Mechanical key
6. Can delete the users individually who were fired.But there is no effect for the other people to use.
user capacity 300.
8.It can set up available time for each user to unlock the lock. And the user can not unlock it in other time.
9.Especialy suitable for installation by non-professionals

Installation Instruction.doc


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