Fingerprint Lock CJ-FL304A





                                         Model: CJ-FL304A




This lock is used in home and office. 

Elegant design and integrated cast steel structure. 

Three independent ways for unlocking the door: Fingerprint, PIN/Code or mechanical key. 

PVD coated glass surface of optical fingerprint sensor, resulting in durable life. 

Originally designed and intelligentized handle. When you go out, the handle can turn upwards automatically, at the same time, the central latch and multi-latch can lock the door more secure. 

If turn subsidiary deadbolt out inside, no way can uplock the door outside. 

New designed clutch, enabling external handle turning, avoiding damage.




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1. Three independent unlocking: Fingerprint, PIN/Code or Mechanical Key.

2. Slap-up uptown, villa

3. Company or government office 

4. Meeting room, accountant office, storehouse, etc. 


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