8 Zones Walk Through Metal Detector



Main Function:                                   

1. With high precision 8 areas, it features more accurate detection.

2. The indicator light automatically shows the interfering signal of installation environment.

3. Each area can be independently set with 0-99 sensitivity range.

4. It can be as sensitive as detecting clip-sized metal.

5. Intelligently Automatic recording of alarming times and number of people passed.
With the unique infrared setting, it has strong omission proof and anti-interfering capacity.

6. The cipher protection can prevent parameters being maliciously changed by unauthorized people.

7. It is harmless to pacemaker, pregnant woman or magnetic storage media.
Button operation through gentle touch.

8. It is equipped with LED indicator lights as high as human body at the both sides of the gatepost.

9. The result will be clear at a glance.

10. Applying digital impulse and magneto electric compatibility, it features faster sensing, more accurate detection, higher sensitivity and stronger anti-interference capacity;

11. With a fixer, it is slip, water and damp proof.



Airport import and export, customs checkpoints, electronic products factory, a gym, courts, courts, prison supervisor, VIP major conference venues, nightclubs, bars, the bar, and other places to check security



1. 2000 mm × 750 mm × 530 mm

2. External dimensions:  2200 mm × 870 mm × 530 mm 

3. Power supply: AC 220V   Power:  30 W

4. Working environment:  -20 ℃ ~ 55 ℃

5. Machine net weight: 90 Kg   Transportation weight:  110 Kg

6. Standard:  GB15210-2003












8 Zones Walk Through Metal Detector

Model: CJ-WM8000

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